“So Strong it can hold the weight of a 100kg man.”


  • Flipt is made from highly durable and robust UV treated polypropylene.

  • Some moving pieces are constructed with a 15% glass filled nylon.

  • All UV treated for outdoor use.


Strong, just like your bakkie


The spacing bars are a rounded oval aluminium extrusion made exclusively for Flipt.

This shape is extra strong and, once powder coated, exceptionally scratch resistant, long lasting and sleek. 

The design is rugged, durable and reliable.

Flipt is EASY TO USE & very simple to remove! It is a lightweight product. Affordable, practical & useful.

Flipt does it all for you & your bakkie.


How does it work?

  • Store products with your Filpt  to prevent sliding/movement while driving.

  • Utility Rack - Strap longer cargo overhead.

  • Extend your bakkie bin outward while still securing your load inside the bin. 

  • Flipt is easily removed from the bakkie and is strong  and stable enough for you to use as a table/chair.

  •  It helps to save fuel.