Frequently Asked Questions:


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Can I take my Flipt out the bakkie when not using it?


You most certainly can. Flipt pops out the holding hinges very easily and can be popped right back in as soon as you are wanting it back in place. No tools required to remove or put it back inside your truck.


Is Flipt heavy?


Not all all. Flipt weighs roughly 6kg for the larger, 1 ton size unit. This allows Flipt to be easily moved around and although lightweight, is exceptionally robust and sturdy.


How long will Flipt last?


Flipt will last as long as your bakkie! Flipt is made from UV treated materials and aluminium. This is essentially the same materials that a car's bumper is made out of. Flipt is made for outdoor use and will withstand any harsh sun and elements for a long period of time. Like bumpers, there may be slight fading of the colours after many years of hard, outdoor labour.


Is Flipt strong?


When assembled, Flipt is very strong. We have tested with a 100kg human and not had an issue. We do not recommend putting much more than 100kg of weight on the hinges though, as it is aluminium and not steel.


Does Flipt tie down my cargo?


No, Flipt does not tie your cargo in place. Flipt is there to increase your cargo carrying capacity, or to create a divider for your cargo. It does not physically tie anything down, but Flipt will prevent your cargo from sliding off the back of your vehicle.


How do I know what size I need?


Flipt is a scalable product which has been designed to cater for all bakkies. After years of design as well as trial and error, the standard size allows even the smallest double cab bin to fit MX bikes. The two standard sizes are for all half ton and all one ton trucks. 


If specific sizes or requirements are needed we can easily custom make a Flipt for your exact needs. Please contact us on the "contact" page to get in touch.


How does Flipt stay in my vehicle?


By using two small glass filled nylon brackets, Flipt pops into place and can rotate around these pivot brackets very simply and easily. The brackets are secured in place using aluminium pop rivots to ensure there is no compromise of your vehicles bodywork. 

Some vehicles do require a "L" shape brackets to secure the pivot brackets in place.