Some feedback we have gotten from clients:

Justin Lucken

I use my Flipt daily and it has never let me down. Holding toolbox's, keeping my riding gear on the back of my truck and many other random uses I find every week. I highly recommend this product and since I have got it, will never not have one on any future trucks I get.  What a great product. Thanks Flipt!

Darryl Burmeister

Our flipt installation is a major part of our business ; allowing us extra loading space and piece of mind . From loading motorcycles, business equipment, groceries, ladders or surfboards - Flipt is useful every day . A highly recommended investment - Sevensevensports

Craig Brown
SOCA - Sport On Court

My flipt gets used everyday and has made my life a lot easier.... I brilliant product and a genius solution to getting more out of your bakkie... highly recommended

Reid Sinniks #225

Definitely an asset to every bakkie , no matter the need! Too stoked to have Flipt backing me with their awesome product. Makes getting to the track with the bike and the rest of the luggage stress free, with not having to worry about anything that will fall out. Certainly worth the money and a very handy tool for many purposes.


Gavin Mocke
RAF - Northern Cape

Superb product. It is amazing how the little things you never notice become so much easier with Flipt. I use mine daily and constantly find new things which it assists me with.

Thanks Flipt.

Glenda McDonald

Glenzo sponsored me a FLIPT when they first were designed and built. Ever since then my faithful FLIPT has done thousands of kilometers , crossed many international borders and been to some serious heights. It been on the roughest roads in South Africa and Lesotho and still hasn't lost its strength or shape. It's been used to keep my dirt bikes and gear, my fuel drums from falling off my van through the toughest conditions. It's been used as a tool box stand ,seat , something to stand on when I need that little bit of extra height, it's even been used to fill in a hole so we could drive a 4x4 over a wash away , and still good old FLIPT has not let me down 


What a great product designed and built here in South Africa. It's one of the few products that you can well and truly say PROUDLY SOUTH AFRICIAN about!!!!!

Kevin Durston

Very happy with my Flipt, I use it daily! I abuse it daily too and its lasting well! Had a lot of interest whether i'm on site or at the enduro track.

Brandon Van Vuuren
Luxuary SPA's and Saunas

Flipt helps me every day with my work. Brilliant product that just gives me that much needed extra space to carry tools and stock. Every bakkie should have this installed. I am so happy with my Flipt and would put it on every bakkie I own going forward! well done and thank you Flipt!


Lawrence Henning

Thanks for such an awesome product. The rear bin space I lost on my double cab was instantly reclaimed with the Flipt cage. Now I can go camping, riding and take everything including the kitchen sink. Love how the Flipt can be rotated back into the bakkie bin to form a cage to stop all your items from rolling way back down the bin.

Love love love this product and don't leave home without it. 

Thank you Flipt!!!